I’m Back!

Hey yawl!
Dan ‘Gibbleguts’ Gibson here….remember me? If not, I wouldn’t blame you….It’s been a reeeaaaally reeeaaaally looooooong time.

What happened? Well, too make a long story short… I’ve spent the last 10 months helping my dear ol’ dad battle lung cancer. It’s been a long hard road, with many ups and downs but, I’m happy to say it’s looking pretty good for my pop.

Anyway, I’ll be getting back into posting new cartoons and other stuff so stay tuned.

dog alien

Nascar Team Cartoon

Nascar Race Team Cartoon

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Ugly Suit Joke

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Man protests All You Can Eat diner
Walking in high heels isn’t easy!

The Other Coast By Adrian Raeside

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Food for Thought
A true friend stabs you in the front.

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